Horizontal menu configuration

If you would like to have Horizontal Menu (or Topnav) based layout,

You can use Horizontal folder for horizontal layout and if you want to change layout from vertical to hoizontal then perform the below changes.
You need to update the below code in the partials/body.html
<body data-layout="horizontal">
And in partials/menu.html
It will set horizontal layouts in all the pages.

In order to add, change or remove any ui elements from the topbar, simply edit in file src/partials/horizontal.html. The change would reflect in all the files automatically.

How to use pre-built layouts?

Each of the layout options is provided below with steps you would need to perform:

Dark Topbar
Keep your body element with data attribute data-topbar="dark" data-layout="horizontal" E.g. <body data-topbar="dark" data-layout="horizontal"> to have dark topbar.
Boxed Layout
Keep your body element with data attribute data-layout-size="boxed" data-layout="horizontal" E.g. <body data-layout-size="boxed" data-layout="horizontal"> to have boxed layout.
Scrollable Layout
Keep your body element with data attribute data-layout-scrollable="true" E.g. <body data-layout-scrollable="true"> to have scrollable layout.
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